About Us

Realtime Smile was created for dental professionals by dental professionals! Dr. Chris Neilson, one of our co-founders, has been practicing dentistry for over 20 years. Dr. Neilson and his wife Ronda, knew they could create a better way to practice dentistry. They wanted to grow their practice, become more efficient, increase production and reduce chair time. With those goals in mind, Realtime Smile was born. They knew that with ever increasing use of technology, the place to find and connect with people was through the internet. 

Virtual consultation with Realtime Smile gives you the power to better serve your patients and community, regardless of their ability to come into the office. Patients have questions and you have answers, but patients seem to always have a reason to not schedule an appointment. It could be they are too busy, they fear exposure to coronavirus, they may live too far away or have a disability that makes it difficult to travel.

A virtual consultation enables you to solve all of these problems in just a few minutes of your time. The software we created will enable you to do your consultations in an efficient manner, at a time that is convenient for YOU! The benefits of Realtime Smile are endless, we are so excited to help you improve your practice with the use of virtual consultations.